Welcome to the Facilitation Shindig – a gathering space for Practitioners who facilitate team and group conversations to expand and improve their practice.
This is a celebration of the art and the craft of facilitation through discussion, storytelling, experimenting and action.

It’s about taking time to deepen and improve face-to-face practice for facilitators.
It’s about taking time to “rattle the foundations” of your current practice – see It Starts With You blog for more details

While digital spaces and all they offer are becoming increasingly important…there is something vital and valuable about the time people get to spend with each other in real life in organisations… and this something is hard to replicate in a digital space.

The Shindig is designed to be time out to think about what it takes to facilitate conversations in groups and teams effectively, confidently and with the best possible outcomes for the people we work with.

This space offers an informal way of experimenting with formal ideas and process – bringing real practice into play.

And joy… it’s also about the joy of doing good work, with people who challenge and support you.

Who is this for?
Practitioners who regularly work with (or are beginning to regularly work with) groups/ teams in transition and who are serious about developing their craft.
Practitioners who want to push the edges of their practice, experimenting with techniques and learning from others.
Facilitators who love the art of bringing people together to create difference and who want to support their personal and professional development in a challenging-yet-safe space.