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Introducing The Facilitation Shindig – where it all begins

It Starts With You  – the core premise behind the Facilitation Shindig & the notion of “rattling the foundations of your practice”

We Move Folk – or Try To – blog about movement – how facilitation is all about movement of thought, ideas and physical experience

TV/ Podcasts

Learning Now TV – February 2017
Julie Interviewed about the Facilitation Shindig for Learning Now TV

Good Practice Podcast #34 – Facilitation & Unconferences – the New Normal?
Podcast Show notes: “What does a facilitator actually do? Who needs one? And what on Earth is an unconference?  In this week’s GoodPractice podcast, Justin Anderson and Owen Ferguson are joined by ‘Delightful Goddess’ ™ Julie Drybrough, director of Fuchsia Blue, founder of the Facilitator Shindig and unconference organiser, to answer these questions and more.  If you have any thoughts on the show, you can tweet us @WriterJustin, @owenferguson, and @fuchsia_blue.”