What Will I Get from a Facilitation Shindig?


Based on some of the questions around the Shindig series, here are some more details about the 2017 sessions and what you might get from attending.

More details about the design & why here:

There are 5 themed sessions throughout 2017 –
March 9th Writing
May 4th Movement
July 6th Outside
Sept 7th Emotion
Nov 2nd Closing

Each session begins with a welcome and check-in and closes with reflections & actions. Each session has a “themed” part and space in the afternoon for Peer reflection sessions or experiments from participants – this is where issues of design or approach or personal development can be raised and worked through.

Writing (March)
The focus of this session is on using writing as a form of  personal reflective practice; as well as looking at writing exercises we can use with groups to generate discussion and commitment.

Movement (May)
Focussing on movement in the room  and some of techniques around getting people moving and talking. We will look at techniques like Constellations and how to work with these. We’ll also look at “Movement” in the widest sense – how people move through narratives and phases.

Outside (July)
How can we use outside spaces for facilitation? What does it generate? We’ll explore methods such as Street Wisdom and Group Walks – again, the techniques and the How/ Why practicalities of running these is part of the learning.

Emotion (Sept)
How do we work with and through group emotion?
How do we maintain our emotional wellbeing and resilience when working with groups?
Looking at transitions and the use of timelines with groups as a means of mapping and expressing emotion; we’ll also look at managing our emotions “in the room” and the connection between head/ heart/gut as we work.

Closing (Nov)
How do we end well? Both in the sessions we run and as a group?
Often the sessions we run have generated so many ideas and actions – how do we frame and support ongoing commitment and energy so the conversation doesn’t just die?
What does closing well lookalike?

What will I take away from the sessions?
The take-aways are hard to define for each individual. What I’m aiming for is to support a group of practitioners to walk away with a variety of tools and techniques which they have explored thoroughly and are ready to try; Practitioners who have a deeper sense of confidence and understanding of themselves “in the room” and who have a network to call on for design or reflection for many years to come.

We work in a lovely big open space at Mad Labs in the Norther Quarter, Manchester with good coffee & an open invitation to try stuff and think about stuff and work with issues or concerns.

For Season Tickets (all 5 events) – apply here or if you are interested in attending a single event – apply here